Polyglot is a Spaceship which also generates Synthetic Audio. Create a audio script using Google voices. Drag the script and drop it on Polyglot which then generates and plays the synthetic audio in real time, besides visualizing the waveform and frequency bars. Optionally Polyglot can store the generated synthetic audio locally. Polyglot supportsĀ  most of the desktop as well as mobile browsers. Developed with three.js, Google Wavenet, Blender, and Spring Boot, Polyglot is an immensely fun project.


DevConsole adds a universal swagger endpoint controller to Spring boot. With DevConsole Controller, you can access

  • any Java class/instances/Spring beans and
  • their private/public methods

inside the running JVM. You can use these as building blocks to create complex constructs on top of them using Scripting languages like Javascript/Groovy. Finally you can access these complex constructs seamlessly from the DevConsole controller endpoint. DevConsole facilitates REPL style rapid prototyping/development while offering endless possibilities. In production environment, you can use it to quickly troubleshoot issues with specific classes/objects besides identifying data and environment specific issues. You can also use it to rapidly prototype complex functionalities by wiring together existing 3rd party libraries/services inside the JVM.

With Great power comes great responsibility. In order to avoid misuse, access to DevConsole can be restricted using Spring provided @Security construct.


Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Java Applications that you can “just run”. Byteman is a tool which injects Java code into your running application without the need for you to recompile, repackage or even redeploy your application. Bootman combines these two so that you can create production grade spring applications, and monitor/modify run time behavior on the fly.

With Great power comes great responsibility. In order to avoid misuse, access to Bootman can be restricted using Spring provided @Security construct.